Do I Need To File?

If you live or earn income in one or more of the RITA Municipalities you must file an income tax return with RITA unless you are eligible for an exemption. Our web site is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to register and maintain your account, electronically file your income tax return and make payments.

Exceptions to some filing requirements may exist. For more information, select the applicable RITA Municipality and refer to the Special Notes Tax Year 2016.

Filing Requirements Explained

Generally, if you are under 18 years of age, you do not need to file a return with RITA. Exceptions to the 18 years of age or older exemption exist. For more information, select your RITA Municipality and view Special Notes and Tax Documents for the applicable Tax Year.

If you meet the age exemption, but your employer withheld wages of $10.01 or more, you may request a refund by filing out a Form 10A.

If you have no taxable income you are required to file an Exemption Form the first year that this applies. You are required to resume filing a return if your status changes and you receive or earn taxable income.

If you attend college in a NON-RITA Municipality, but use your parents’ address for mailing purposes, you need to file a return with RITA, unless you can provide proof that you have changed your permanent residence to your school address. Acceptable proof may include a copy of your driver’s license or the first page of your Federal tax return.

If you generally do not meet any other exemptions (under the age of 18, retired, etc.) and have no taxable income for the entire tax year you are required to file an Exemption and enclose page 1 of your Federal Form 1040.

If you have requested or received an extension to file your federal income tax return, your municipal income tax return is extended as well. Submit a copy of the federal extension when you file your annual return. If you have not requested or received a federal income tax filing extension, you may receive a six-month extension for filing your municipal income tax return by completing Form 32-EXT, Section 1 and submitting this request on or before the annual income tax return filing date.

The extension only postpones the time allowed to file your annual return, payment of your balance due is still required by the due date. You may use Form 32-EXT to make the required payment.