How Your Municipality Can Join RITA

RITA is the preferred choice for many municipalities desiring a full-service tax administration agency that offers comprehensive municipal income tax collection and processing services to municipalities, taxpayers, tax preparers and legislative agencies in the State of Ohio. Becoming a member or RITA's Regional Council of Governments provides your municipality access to these high quality, cost-effective services.

Efficient and Effective

RITA’s comprehensive shared services are accurate, efficient, and reliable, providing municipalities with cost savings and increased tax revenue.


Providing start-to-finish tax administration, RITA maximizes your tax collections.


From registration to litigation, RITA’s dedicated team includes collectors, return processors, and legal services; covering all bases for collection success.

To become a member of the Regional Council of Governments or to find out more about services offered by the Regional Income Tax Agency please call 866.252.0913 or complete RITA's Cost Estimate Sheet and fax it to 866.252.0938. Please be sure to include the Name, Title, and Phone Number of a contact person.