Tax Year 2020 Refund Requests

Refunds of the tax withheld for pre-COVID-19 workplace municipalities, while employees worked from home or another location, may not be available until litigation over this issue is complete.(Buckeye Institute v. City of Columbus Auditor, et al, Franklin County Common Pleas Court Case No. 20-CV-004301). RITA will hold these requests for refund in a suspended status until the litigation is concluded. For more information, see FAQ - COVID-19 Work From Home Refund Requests.

Request a Refund

For overpayments - the request for refund should be made directly on the Individual Municipal Income Tax Return - Form 37 – Section B, Line 19. If you already filed your annual return, submit a Form 10A. Select Claim Reason 10 on the 10A. To select this reason, your account must have been overpaid from Estimated Tax Payments or a credit/overpayment carried forward from a prior tax year.

Exempt or Incorrect Withholding - All other requests (employer over-withholdings, age exemptions, 2106 business expenses, etc.) MUST be submitted on the 10A. To avoid delays, include all required documentation with your request.

Refund Processing Time

Once RITA has received your request, allow 90 days to issue your refund. To avoid delays, include all required documentation with your request. RITA, unlike the IRS, has a policy of auditing first before issuing refunds which greatly reduces the chances of tax fraud. If you are filing a return by mail, make sure to mail the form to the RITA mailing address designated for refunds, Form Mailing Addresses.

Check Status of Your Refund

Log in to MyAccount and select View History. You may also call RITA’s automated phone system at 1.800.860.7482.

10A Specifics

  • Under 18 (and other age exemptions) Select a RITA Municipality and view the Special Notes for the applicable tax year. If you meet the age exemption AND your employer withheld local income tax you may be eligible for a refund. Fill out the Form 10A to apply for a refund.
    Separate 10As must be completed for each W-2 or each RITA Municipality.

  • Amounts $10 or less will not be refunded.