RITA Services

RITA is a shared service provider that receives its authority from the ordinances of the municipalities it serves. It provides a wide range of professionally administered services.

Proven collection process including exclusive IRS Data Exchange Program

RITA has the resources to process each Municipality’s income taxes, in accordance with the Municipality’s tax ordinances and requirements. RITA handles mass mailings of tax filing reminders, billing statements and delinquent notices. The IRS Data Exchange Program identifies non-filers, underreported income, address updates and finds businesses required to register.

Online services, including eFile via MyAccount for taxpayers and member municipalities

RITAX is a custom built tax system designed to handle multi-jurisdictional tax collection, distribution and reporting.

Year-round registration to ensure compliance from all filers

RITA’s process begins with the identification and registration of taxpayers. RITA’s Registration department cross-checks numerous sources for individual and business filers to make certain each has an account with RITA.

Integrated call center

Customer Service is paramount. RITA’s Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is used to identify callers for person-to-person contact and for around-the-clock automated self-service. Taxpayers seeking forms or payment information can call day or night to access the system. RITA's call center displays taxpayer account history at the time calls are answered by RITA agents. Taxpayers reach the appropriate agent who is ready to assist with detailed account information within a single contact session.

Document imaging

To address the millions of pieces of paper associated with tax returns, W-2s, bills and related documentation, RITA uses a document imaging system. Scanning paper documents not only reduces storage costs, it also provides tighter security of records and improves customer service through fast and easy retrieval of tax returns.

Compliance and Legal Services

RITA takes appropriate actions to ensure taxpayers pay their tax liabilities. Delinquent taxpayers are notified of their pending tax liabilities and the possible ramifications through the non-filer and subpoena programs. Payment plans are established and monitored by the Collections department. When necessary, lawsuits are prepared on behalf of Members.

Disaster Recovery Plan designed to provide peace of mind

To safeguard RITA’s technology and to plan for natural or man-made disasters, RITA has instituted processes and procedures to restore critical applications within two to three days.