Business FAQs - W-2 Reporting Requirements

Use RITA's W-2 Reporting Specs.  RITA uses the same specifications as the Social Security Administration with modifications to certain positions and records.  The Social Security Administration specification and can be found at their web site:

Login to MyAccount and select the Submit W-2s file option.

If you are submitting W-2s for multiple employers, refer to the Bulk Tax Filing Program  page for instructions.

The EFW2 file contains federal, state and local wage information. RITA reads the local information and must allow for files that have information for RITA or non-RITA member municipalities. For RITA to use the information on a RS record, it must have a valid state code (39), a valid RITA municipality code, and a valid Tax Type Code (“C” or “R”).

The list of valid RITA municipality codes can be found on the Tax Rates Table.

Wage or other currency field is left blank.  These fields must be filled in with zeros.

Another common error is a record exceeding the maximum length requirement of 512 characters.

Yes, starting in tax year 2016, Employer W-2 submission specifications changed as the result of changes to the Ohio Revised Code made by the Ohio General Assembly. Employers are now required to report, for each employee, every municipality for which tax was withheld or should have been withheld. Please visit W-2 Reporting Requirements for the most recent EFW2 specifications.